52 letters in 2018 (week 16): Be in the now

Week 16 (April 16-22): Be in the now.

As you can probably tell by reading my recent posts … or maybe every post … I love the memories that letters help capture, and I tend to get a bit nostalgic. I fight the tendency to dwell on past experiences, the could haves should haves would haves, and they can weigh me down. And when I’m not busily looking back to my past, I easily get absorbed by fretting about the future.

I’m trying to do a much better job of existing in and appreciating the now so I don’t miss it, or even worse, blow it.

On my way back from my 9-day trip last weekend, I finished an audiobook in the Nashville airport. I was thinking a lot about my past, my how I got here, and my where I’m going. I guess I concluded that I like where I am and I should do a better job of being in the where I am. So I decided to download The Power of Now, by Eckhart Toll.

Note that I’m not recommending or endorsing this book because I just started listening to it and it’s entirely possible it’ll end up too new agey or something for me. With that said, listening to the first chapter did inspire this week’s writing challenge.

One simple quote by Eckhart Tolle stood out to me:

The time is now. What else is there?

This week, as you’re writing a post card or letter, write about your now. Describe something you’re hearing, thinking, feeling, seeing, smelling, or craving at that moment. For example:

As I’m writing this post, my cat Rupurrt is sprawled along the back of the couch behind me. I hear his breathing and can feel his warm, moist (yes, I just wanted to say moist) breath on the back of my neck. Thankfully I can’t smell it, because boy howdy does that guy have gator breath.

See how easy the power of now is?

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  • Week 16 (April 16-22): Be in the now.