52 letters in 2018 (week 7): Mail an oldie

Week 7 (February 12 – February 18): Mail a message to a long-time friend or relative.

Last week we mailed messages to a kid in our lives, and this week we’re heading the other direction and mailing a missive to someone we’ve known for years. I was inspired to do this writing challenge as I browsed through old photos and ran across snips I’d taken from my baby book.

babybook1My dear ole Mom, Mickie, died when I was in my early 30s, and rarely does a day go by when I don’t think about calling her. But I’m left with her memories, including the notes left in my baby book. From the page above you can see that a couple of my first phrases in life were “Son of a bitch” and “you stay here!”. Clearly I would grow up to be a woman with strong leadership skills who spoke her mind.

So maybe you should drop a note to your ma or pa this week, or send out a letter to a friend you’ve known for years, an elderly aunt, a long-distance cousin, or your favorite high school teacher or local librarian.

babybook3And to my long-time friend who lost her father this week: I see you, and I’m sending extra love.

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