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August 2014



Around the end of my first trimester, which also coincided with my graduation from the University of Texas in May 1996, I …


I Be, Yubi

I dropped four postcards in the outgoing apartment mail today and then opened my mailbox: junk mail, a magazine, and a YubiKey …


The Porcelain Boy

When I was 22, I received a letter from Brian. Finding this letter a few months ago was like finding a piece …


Stay Streetsmart

After visiting Austin over spring break in 1990, I dropped out of KU and moved down here on January 5, 1991. Nine days …


Little Rickie, NY

A former roommate of mine took a trip to New York to visit a few of our friends during spring break in …


Living on $800 a Month

One of my former roommates moved from Lawrence, Kansas, to Seattle in 1990. She mailed me a 3-page letter that November, and …


Don’t Get Married

In 1991, I received this retro postcard of a movie poster for 1944’s When Strangers Marry.


Closet Cleaning

A couple of months after I moved back to Austin, I got a postcard from a friend who was visiting her mother …


Ode to Snail Mail

The Diction Fairy project started in 2013, when I bought the domain name because it was available. Scratch that. The project …