52 letters in 2018 (week 10): I see you

Week 10 (March 5-11): I see you.

Recently I started reading The History of Love, and in the beginning of the book, the elderly protagonist, Leo, leaves his home each day and makes at least a small commotion in public.

“All I want is not to die on a day when I went unseen,” he explains.

This week, let someone know you see them.

“Loneliness: there is no organ that can take it all.”

  • Week 1 (January 1-7): Send a Happy New Year’s note.
  • Week 2 (January 8-14): Send a Thank You note.
  • Week 3 (January 15-21): Send a postcard from your community.
  • Week 4 (January 22-28): Mail a postcard or letter to another country.
  • Week 5 (January 29-February 4): Mail a Valentine to a pal.
  • Week 6 (February 5-11): Mail a minor.
  • Week 7 (February 12-18): Mail an oldie.
  • Week 8 (February 19-25): Write a note to a pet.
  • Week 9 (February 26 – March 4): Clear out clutter.
  • Week 10 (March 5-11): I see you.