Break ups and make ups

I’ve had a few break ups the past six months. Obviously, I broke up with my blog for a while. And I broke up with booze. And most of my social life. And I’ve been working on breaking up knots in my leg muscles because I’ve been making up with running and weight lifting and eating better and getting sleep.

Sweet, precious, delicious sleep.

Although I haven’t had a break up with my letter and postcard writing, I have slowed down as I picked up speed with reading. My relationship with fiction writing ended ages ago, but I’ve been thinking about making up with it. Right now we’re still at the “getting to know you” stage in our relationship. (Beside, I have other projects in the works, which means a continued break from this humble blog.)

I wouldn’t say I broke up with travel completely, but we did take time apart after my trip to Dublin in October. Then we had a passionate reunion the first week of February, when I traveled to Geelong, Victoria, Australia for work.

So, until I’m ready to reunite with a regular blog schedule, I’ll leave you with photos from my week in Geelong.

geelong3 geelong1 geelong2